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  • peterroux_02

    Peter Roux @ Lyons Wier Gallery

    “Goodbye Blue Sky” Peter Roux “Suspension and Segment” @lyonswiergallery in Chelsea, NYC. I caught the opening of the show – you miss meeting the artist when you get there early, but I hate crowds in…
  • artwalkdumbo_minus

    Robert Swain @ Minus Space

    “Robert Swain: Color as Color” continues through Saturday, April 29. This is the New York artist’s third solo exhibition at the Minus Gallery and it features a suite of new large-format color grid paintings. Don’t…
  • artwalk_dumbo

    Daniela Imhoff @ Dumbo Art Walk

    Still from | Champion Of Love | by Daniela Imhoff | Digital Fairy Tales: Album Two Light Year projections on tonight until 10pm for First Thursday Gallery Walk in DUMBO – LightYearArts
  • airgallery_yoshidamineko2

    Mineko Yoshida @ air gallery

    Okinawan-born, American-educated artist. There are endless possibilities in the art of abstraction. She investigates formal concerns such as structure, color, and paint application are simply the means, not the end.  Here she is attempting to explore…
  • yonyo_pop_art_gallery

    Walter Robinson @Jeffrey Deitch Gallery Opening

    Walter Robinson @Jeffrey Deitch Gallery Opening   Really enjoyed seeing Walter Robinson’s retrospective at Jeffrey Deitch Gallery @walterrobinsonstudio @jeffreydeitch NYC. Walter is not only a dedicated pop realist painter he is also the legendary co-creator of…
  • Untitled-4

    Mind’s Eye: But a Storm Is Blowing from Paradise

    But a Storm Is Blowing from Paradise: Contemporary Art of the Middle East and North Africa Recently I joined my friend Don at the Guggenheim for his Monthly Mind’s Eye tour – tours set up for…
  • lyons wier galerie2

    lyons wier galerie visit

    I saw Chris Cosnowski, Michelle Doll, Cayce Zavaglia, Fahamu Pecou, Aaron Nagel, and more oh my. It’s not as large as some of the other galleries I’ve been to, but they had some kitschy and…
  • whitney

    Visit to the new Whitney Museum

    Jerry Saltz: “The Piano building has about 50,000 square feet of indoor exhibition space (plus 13,000 outside), of which 20,500 over two floors is devoted to the permanent collection. (There is even more space to…
  • YDRAM_bulldog

    Another Dog Gets A New Home

    Another one of my pound puppies has been shipped out to its new home!  This was one of the pieces that I created quickly, but had a big impact on those that actually got to…
  • 08I1DH2R4isqwta0EPYQgG5eo1_500

    Andrew Wyeth, Painter, Dies at 91

    Andrew Wyeth, one of the most popular artists in the history of American art, a reclusive character in a colorful family of artists whose precise realist views of pastoral and rural life became icons and…