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Let’s Get Started!

So, you have an idea for a painting that’s stayed with you since you took that one special pic with your smartphone? Or maybe you’ve decided to finally fill up that blank space on your wall with a little individuality? No sweat. I’m here for you. Let’s get started!

Decide which of my three acrylic-on-canvas options work best for you:

a. LOW-KEY $35.00 deposit – canvas board: W:8″ x D:1/8″ x H:10″
b. HIGH-KEY $100.00 deposit – canvas: W:12″ x D:5/8″ x H:16″
c. JUST SAVAGE $200.00 deposit – canvas: W:16″ x D:5/8″ x H:20″

Add it to your shopping cart and securely check out via Paypal.

Behold!  You’ve made your deposit on your original custom piece with Yonyo.

Not so fast, we have work to do:

  1. I’ll contact you directly via email and you can send me a picture(s) via email so I can get started on the concept for your piece.
  2. After I finalize the concept, I’ll email you a digital composition (.jpg) for your thrilled evaluation and approval.
  3. Once I receive your thumbs-up via email, I’ll complete your original acrylic art piece.
  4. You make your space your own

Or…are you thinking bigger?  Do you have a specific idea for a piece that’s a little more bold?  Yonyo’s here for you.  Click here and contact me directly!  And for those of you that like these sweet deals on original custom artwork…

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